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Family Dismisses Death Rumours, Says Olu Jacobs is Alive

The rumour of Olu Jacobs passing is gradually becoming a yearly routing. In four years, no fewer than 3 times did the award-winning actor was rumoured dead. Earlier on Sunday, reports of the veteran actor’s death dominated social media, prompting fans to panic and share condolences.

Olu Jacobs family however clarified that he is alive and well.

The family has assured the public that the much-loved veteran actor is alive.

Soji Jacobs, the actor’s son, confirmed to Channels Television that his father is “very much alive.”

To further discredit the rumours, Mr Jacobs shared a video with Channels Television showing his father, while having his beard shaved and engaging in light conversation with his barber.

The video showed the son informing his father (Olu Jacobs) about the death rumours that surfaced Sunday, and the actor appeared shocked.



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