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Why You Should Never Be Shy of Farting

Many people today shy away from farting for different reasons despite its biological significance. Some believe it’s a sign of disrespect to fart in the midst of people, some are not willing to inconvenience people around them with the sound or smell of their farts, others cannot stand the embarrassment of being identified as the one whose fart smells like a rotten egg so they would rather hold back their farts. The question is, is it healthy to hold your fart?

Farting is passing out gas that has built up in your gastrointestinal track through your anus. Therefore, passing out gas is absolutely a natural bodily function that is necessary for a number of health benefits. For instance, it identifies food allergies and tells you whether or not your diet is balanced as well as improving colon health and reducing bloating. Therefore, there is danger in holding farts as it can have some negative effects on your body. Though according to Healthline there is limited scientific evidence that holding in farts could cause several health issues.

However, Healthline points that in the short term, holding in a fart can cause

  • pain
  • discomfort
  • bloating
  • indigestion
  • heartburn

IMD Nutrition revealed some truth about gas; It has been estimated that the average person passes gas about ten times a day. Anything more than this on a regular basis is excessive and there can be a number of causes for this.  

Most farts occur during your sleep. The only way to really stop them is by consuming a diet of strictly refined sugars only, which is not healthy for anyone. Women’s fart, in fact, have more concentrated and odorous gas than men even when the same foods are consumed.

Dietary choices can also lead to excessive flatulence. The top food causes for gas are beans, cabbage, broccoli, raisins, lentils, prunes, apples, and foods that are high in fructose, like fruit juice.

These foods take a long time to digest, which causes unpleasant odors to accumulate in the gut, as well as gas. Sometimes, these foods are not properly digested because of poor absorption. Once they reach the gut, the bacteria that act upon them release gas in the process.  



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