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Global Transport Policy To Train LASTMA Officers On Emotional Intelligence Skills

On Tuesday, July 2 2024, a delegation from Global Transport Policy News And Services paid a courtesy visit to the General Manager of LASTMA Mr. Bakare Oki Olalekan in his office at Oshodi.

Led by the Chairman/Chief Consultant of Global Transport Policy Dr. Oluwasegun Musa, a major stakeholder and expert in the transport industry who pledged to do a free one day Train-The-Trainer Workshop for LASTMA officers in order to enhance better performance and
Improve the transportation system in Lagos state.

According to the multiple award-winning transport expert the training will focus on Emotional Intelligence Skills to improve their performance in traffic management. He assured Mr. Oki that after the free training the general public will see a renewed LASTMA and the lost confidence will be restored.

Musa while reeling out the prime attention of the courtesy visit postulates thus; “As a transport planner I can categorically say that you have improved and I’m highly impressed about this. I’m assuring you that after the Train-The-Trainer Workshop you will receive positive response about your officers effectively and efficiently discharging their duties.

“Aside the training another thing we want to form synergy with you on is traffic advocacy where we do a road walk to orientate the public on the need for them to respect traffic rules and traffic officers.

“We take different strategic areas and ensure we have enough publicity to make it go viral. It’s very important we match from one strategic area to another to sensitize the general public so that nobody will claim to be ignorant of the law.”

Speaking further about transport infrastructure in Nigeria Musa said, “with an excellent transport infrastructure blueprint, Nigeria shall indeed become a continental economic powerhouse because transport infrastructure serves as the lifeblood of our interconnected world, facilitating the movement of people, goods, and ideas across climes and nations,”

In his response the LASTMA boss welcomed the development, he expressed his appreciation for GTP’s initiatives for an improved transport system in Nigeria.

“I’m so glad to see major stakeholders in transportation taking this bold step.

“We are doing so much to improve the traffic at all times, so that as early as 4am or 5am in the morning when lagosians hit the road for their daily bread they will have a smooth and seamless journey. it’s one of our major core, it’s our major responsibility.

“Since I resumed office as the general manager of LASTMA, November last year to be precise. The number one thing in our agenda is to change the narrative about the public relations.

“We’ve been developing it, we’ve been improving it and we are not resting. We are bent on changing the public perspectives about LASTMA. We want to rebrand and rebuild the public confidence back in LASTMA. We have done series of training for our officers and I’m very happy that one of the things you came up with for LASTMA that’s going to be highly advantageous is training.

“We’ve done both external and internal training. Three months ago over 2000 of our men were trained, and internally since November last year that i became the general manager we do training every week and as i speak there’s training going on in our training room before you leave we will take you round to see for yourself. We prioritize training because we believe for us to get better results, better productivity, improve on our services we must ensure we build our human capacity.” Oki said.



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