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2024 Top 10 largest economies in the world

The largest global economies, such as the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and India, are distinguished by their GDP, a crucial measure of economic scale.

The traditional method for calculating a country’s GDP involves the expenditure approach, which aggregates spending on new consumer goods, investments, government expenditures, and net exports.

As gross domestic product (GDP) continues to be a prominent measure of a country’s economic size and strength, here is a list of the top ten largest economies in the world in 2024, as highlighted by Forbes India.

United States of America (U.S.A.)

Since 1960, the United States has consistently asserted its dominance as the world’s leading economy and wealthiest nation, a position it has successfully defended up to 2023.

The U.S. boasts a GDP exceeding $26 trillion with an annual GDP growth rate of 2.7%. A diverse and robust array of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, technology, and services, marks its economic foundation.

Furthermore, the US dollar’s status as a prominent global reserve currency enhances its economic clout on the international stage.


China has seen rapid economic growth in recent decades, with its GDP reaching approximately $18.53 trillion in 2024, with an annual GDP growth rate of 4.6%.

China’s economic growth is driven by its robust manufacturing sector, advancements in technology, and a rapidly expanding consumer market.


Germany’s economy is notably export-oriented, distinguished for its precision in engineering, automotive, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.

Renowned for its pivotal role in global trade, the country leads in exporting automobiles, machinery, and chemicals.


Japan’s economy has shown signs of revitalization, boosted by improved productivity, consumer spending, and ongoing benefits from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for infrastructure and tourism.
With a strong emphasis on technology and innovation, Japan leads in high-tech industries such as automotive, electronics, and robotics, supported by a robust manufacturing foundation, and has an annual GDP growth rate of 0.9%.


As the fifth largest economy globally, India’s GDP exceeded $3.94 trillion in 2024, indicating rapid economic advancement.

India’s diverse economy experiences rapid growth driven by key sectors including information technology, services, agriculture, and manufacturing, leveraging its large domestic market, skilled labor force, and growing middle class.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s economy is a mix of services, manufacturing, finance, and creative industries, with London being a global hub for finance and insurance.


France’s strong and diversified economy is forecast to achieve a GDP of around $3.33 trillion in 2024.

Its economy is diverse, focusing on industries such as aerospace, tourism, luxury goods, and agriculture, supported by a strong social welfare system, advanced infrastructure, and significant research and development investments.


Italy’s economy, with a GDP of approximately $2.33 trillion in 2024, is distinguished by a strong manufacturing sector specializing in automobiles, fashion, and design.


Brazil’s economy remains a prominent player in the global market, boasting a GDP of $3.33 trillion in 2024 and an annual GDP growth rate of 2.2%.

Brazil stands out as a prominent global hub for agricultural production and exports, with economic growth influenced by factors such as commodity prices, domestic consumption trends, and infrastructure advancements.


Canada’s stable and prosperous economy, boasting a GDP of $2.24 trillion in 2024, is driven by abundant natural resources such as oil, gas, and timber, which are key exports.

The country also benefits from a well-developed service sector and a highly educated workforce. Vanguard.



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