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Good Music Has Healing Effect – Tee Mac

 In celebration of International Dance Day and International Jazz Day, The Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria, SPAN, held a series of captivating events. The founder of SPAN, Mrs. Sarah Boulos, disclosed the significance of promoting the performing arts in Nigeria.

According to her; “Celebrating International Dance Day and International Jazz Day allow SPAN to showcase the talent and creativity of our artists, and foster a sense of community and cultural exchange. These events highlight the beauty of these art forms and contribute to the enrichment of our communities.”

She hinted of their collaboration with Sol Beach.

“For international Jazz Day, we are collaborating with Sol Oniru by BoxMall and Awari App to present an evening of soulful tunes and jazz music with our Jazz legends, Dr. Tee Mac, Yinka Davies, Kunle Ayo, and the SPAN Band.” Boulos said.

Since Jazz Day was created by UNESCO in 2004 Dr. Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli MFR, has been involved. First as PMAN president in work together with NTA as a live show from 6 pm till 6 am with countless bands performing live.

Then in 2009 Tee Mac organized at the MUSON Centre the first “ Joy of Jazz festival “ with 6 bands and last year at the Alliance Francaise in collaboration with the US Consulate with 3 top bands.

This year SPAN chaired by Sarah Boulos organized the 2024 World Jazz day. Tee Mac and his Gold Convention rehearsed a special one hour Jazz program which included 2 numbers with the great guitarist Kunle Ayo.

Kunle has a special relationship with Tee Mac because he played with the Gold Convention band before leaving for South Africa.

Speaking with Global Affairs Magazine in an exclusive interview Tee Mac stated thus;

“The preparation of the Jazz Festival was stressful but the end result was good.

“Unfortunately a heavy rain storm ended the show around 10 pm when Yinka Davis was performing.

Jazz is the music for those who love good music.

“Only serious and professional musicians are capable to play it. Young people should be more exposed to Jazz, that’s the only way to discover the beauty of Jazz.

“Good music has a healing effect which is underestimated in Nigeria.” Tee Mac said.

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