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See Reasons Why Having A Daughter Is Like Winning Jack-pot

The birth of a baby girl in any family inclined to some African traditional beliefs that consider women less important is usually not a moment of laughter and happiness as the male child is considered more superior to the female and they tend to celebrate more loudly when the baby is male. However, many have frowned at this laid-back mentality giving reasons why female children are more valuable.

Apart from having the reproductive anatomy that is typically associated with girls or women, female children have empathy and emotional sensitivity. They easily feel and understand the emotions of their siblings and parents. They bond better with their parents.

According to veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, Female children often share a special bond with their parents, particularly with their fathers. And this bond continues even after they are married into another family. And this is unlike male children they may forget or reduce their attention to their parents as soon as they marry and form their own families.

“I pity men who complain when their wives give birth to female children. Having a female child is a jack-pot because she will care for her parents at their old age. A female child will tell her father or mother to move into her home if she feels him or her is not strong enough to stay alone, whether matrimonial home or not.

“When my father was sick my two sisters took turns to stay with him in the hospital. They were the ones that took care of him. We the male had no time to take care of him, we were too busy.” He said.

Again, Nigerian author Reno Omokri in another development penned down a post explaining why female kids are way more valuable than male kids.

According to Omokri, female children are loyal and this is a thing that cannot be said for most male children

His words;

”Dear men,
Take a tour of any hospital of your choice. You will see wives and daughters sleeping there because of their husbands and fathers. Hardly will you find a husband or son. And you are saying you don’t want a female child. You are a FOOL! All children are valuable, but a girl child is especially valuable, because women are likely to be more loyal than men. Christ had 12 disciples. But how many of them were at Golgotha during his death? Only one. Yet, 4 of His female followers were there. Loyalty is a WOMAN!”



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