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Pastor Evelyn Joshua Ensuring TB Joshua’s Legacy Lives On.

The leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Pastor Evelyn Joshua, affectionately known as Mama Evelyn, has become a pillar of strength in the wake of her husband’s demise as she stepped into a role that demands not only spiritual guidance but also organizational leadership. Leading a large religious organization like The SCOAN is no small feat, but Pastor Evelyn Joshua has shown and continues to show remarkable organizational acumen. She has worked to strengthen the administrative structures of the church and foster a sense of unity and collaboration, upholding the sense of community that has been a hallmark of the church.

As one of the few women leading a global church, Pastor Evelyn has showcased exceptional leadership that exemplifies the qualities of a true trailblazer.

Since she stepped into her late husband’s shoes she has effectively managed numerous impactful Prayer Gatherings and Crusades across nations like Ghana, Kenyan, South Africa, Spain, and Zambia. Additionally, she led charitable missions to regions like Pakistan, Turkey, Ukraine, Bolivia, as well as flood-ravaged areas in South-East and South-South Nigeria. She has also held several revivals at the SCOAN prayer mountain.

She will stop at nothing to keep building on the foundation laid by the late founder of SCOAN, Evelyn has continued the mission of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, emphasizing the core values of love, faith, and humanitarianism. Her unwavering commitment to the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua has ensured that the spiritual journey of the church remains steadfast.

Prophet T.B. Joshua was known not only for his spiritual teachings but also for his extensive philanthropic work, which Pastor. Evelyn Joshua has solidly taken up in this regard as well, ensuring that the charitable activities of The SCOAN continue to impact the lives of the less privileged. From providing food aid to supporting education and healthcare initiatives, she has continued the legacy of compassion and benevolence that defined her late husband’s ministry.

No doubt, the passing of a visionary leader is usually a challenging time for any organization, especially when that leader has left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions. Such was the case when renowned Prophet T.B. Joshua, transited to eternity.

However, in the face of this colossal loss Pastor Evelyn Joshua has undoubtedly exhibited remarkable strength, resilience, and leadership qualities to carry on the legacy of her late husband.

Pastor Evelyn Joshua stands as a beacon of hope, ensuring the legacy lives on in the hearts and deeds of those who follow the teachings of The SCOAN.



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