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Knowing When Your Mumu button has been activated

Many people find themselves in situations where someone is able to conveniently take advantage of them without knowing their mumu button is active.

Mumu button is a pidgin English slang that refers to a person’s weak spot and when triggered makes the victim oblige to the request of whoever has his or her mumu button.

When someone has your mumu button he or she can control you without you feeling like you’re being controlled.

Here are signs that your mumu button has been discovered.

THEY ARE ALWAYS ON YOUR MIND: Not a day goes by without thinking about them. Every second, minute, and hour of the day they’re running cross country in your mind. In This case they have gotten your password, At this point, they don’t even need to ask you for anything. You’ll be the one reading their mind and enslaving yourself for the person.

ACTING SHY OR EXCITED AROUND THEM: It’s not a new thing to feel butterflies when you’re with someone you fancy but different people have different ways they act around their crush; some act hyperactive, and they get all talkative and excited.

SPENDING MONEY ON THEM: This is one of the most common displays of feelings. We mostly spend money on people or things that we like. If you always feel the need to buy things for them with or without them asking, it could be food, material items, or money. It could even be that card or other things that show that you care about them. It means that your button has been activated.

DIFFICULTY IN SAYING NO: when the button is activated, you’ll find it hard to say no to some requests they make. You don’t want to disappoint them, you want to do what they like. Most times, you’ll just go with the flow because of the way her chin lifts when she’s happy because of what you did or the intensity of his eyes when he looks at you thanking you for doing that particular thing.

YOU ALWAYS PUT THEM FIRST: you always put them first for whatever reason. Your last card is nothing to you. If they ask for it, you’re giving them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t benefit from what you’re doing, as long as they are happy about it, you are fine. You are always thinking about whether or not your actions will make them happy. Almost no regard for yourself or any other person.

YOU DO THE EXTRA TO PLEASE THEM They ask for something and you realize you cannot afford to give them due to the resources left at your disposal so you go an extra mile and do whatever is necessary to get what they requested for them.

If you find yourself in a situation where you see nothing wrong with someone taking advantage of you, you must find a way to deactivate that active mumu button.



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